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Indidginus News Bullet Indian Odyssey:

Indidginus in India

Nix and I are in India for 6 months, so I won't be updating this page during that time. If you want to follow what we are up to, we've put a blog together for the purpose:

Or you can follow the updates on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Indidginus News Bullet Moby 'Temptation' (Indidginus Tun Up Remix) - Free Download:

I love this track. I felt like dubbing it up. Here's the result as.... you guessed it, another free download. (All rights belong to original owners). Respect to Moby for consistently writing amazing music.

Accompanying video:

Indidginus News Bullet Ice Pick (ft Jahdan Blakkamoore) - Free Download:

Yet another free download for the greater good of mankind:

Indidginus News Bullet Burning Spear 'Slavery Days' Remix - Free Download:

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Cape Town, so I wanted to send you on some good vibes via the medium of mp3 ;)

Here's a free download of my remix of Burning Spear's classic tune 'Slavery Days' - positive vibrations straight outta Africa:

I've also put together a mashup video to accompany it:

Nice up the dance.

Indidginus News Bullet New Tune. Free Download:

Been a bit quiet from my side for the last couple of months, so I thought I'd break radio silence with a free download of my latest tune Bhangragga (Hold Dat Gyal) for you:

Big thanks to Tropical Bass for the post:

Nice up the dance.

Indidginus News Bullet OUT NOW: Ruff Tuff EP (deep bass, top rankin riddims and ragga vibes):

You can download the EP for free:

Alternatively, you can show your support by paying whatever you can afford for the EP/individual tracks on Bandcamp via the Name Your Price option:

The EP is also available to buy on Beatport (via High Chai Recordings):

Bless Up.

Indidginus News Bullet Feb 26th 2013:

3D got some airplay on Simon Raymonde's show on Amazing Radio last night:

Ruff Tuff EP soon come pon High Chai:

Indidginus - Ruff Tuff EP (High Chai Recordings)

Indidginus News Bullet Feb 19th 2013:

I've finished a new tune - dub, dubstep and dnb rolled into one. You can have a listen to it here:

And I've recorded a guest mix for Mark Ryan's Amazing Beats Show on Amazing Radio. You can download it for free from the Amazing Radio website:

Indidginus News Bullet Feb 8th 2013:

I've recorded a guest mix for Resonance 104.4 FM. It'll be airing tomorrow night from 11 to midnight GMT on Fari Bradley's Free Lab Radio Show. You can tune in here:

My Freq Nasty remix is getting aired again tonight on Mark Ryan's Amazing Beats Show on Amazing Radio:

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 27th 2013:

Well done Peeps. High Chai's Defunk is now in the number 1 slot on the Beatport Glitch Hop Chart! You all rock :)

To celebrate, here's a preview of a remix I've done for Kaya Project:

One last thing to end the day off - how would you describe my music? Busy brainstorming that one, so would appreciate your help with that.

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 26th 2013:

Right, come on people, help High Chai Recordings get Defunk's 'Jive is Good For You' track to NUMBER 1 on the Beatport charts. It's currently sitting at number 2:

All you have to do is login to your Beatport account and use this discount code JANMXMG to get 20% off the track. Way I see it, everyone's a winner. So, it's time to get proactive and help out a worthy label.

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 13th 2013:

My Ruff Tuff EP will be coming out on April 15th on High Chai Recordings.

In the meantime, you can download Riddimix for free here:

It's a half hour mix of tasters from my Sofa Surfer album, Sab Kuch Milega EP and various other bits and pieces....

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 8th 2013:

If you haven't liked Indidginus on Facebook or followed Indidginus on Twitter, please do so. If you like my music and want to support me and my music writing endeavours without having to part with any money, this is a great and easy way to do it:

LIKE Indidginus on Facebook

FOLLOW Indidginus on Twitter

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 7th 2013:

Just listening to a track I did with Squeeker like 15 years ago..... And it sounds rad still.... Got great didg playing in it too. If I do say so. I've put it up here for free download for a couple of weeks, so get it now:

Unfortunately I can't give you any links to Squeeker coz Roger no longer does music (sensible man - I might be joining him soon at the rate I am giving away tunes for free). The music he did was fookin wicked though, so give it a listen.

Indidginus News Bullet Dec 31st 2012:

Happy new year :) Here's some freebie downloads:

Indidginus News Bullet Dec 13th 2012:

While the world's been busy ruminating on the end of the world, I've been busy in the studio and rinsed out a new tune. This one's ragga drum and bass. In yer face. All over the place.

Indidginus News Bullet Nov 27th 2012:

Voting has begun on the Freq Nasty remix contest. You can listen to and vote for my track here:

Vote for the Indidginus Pon Dem remix of Not Givin In

Indidginus News Bullet Nov 26th 2012:

Just finished a tune with a reggae vibe of sorts. Here's a preview:

Indidginus News Bullet Nov 20th 2012:

Just finished my remix for Freq Nasty's competition on Beatport. Please take a listen on the link below and if you like it, vote for it :) (Apparently you need a beatport account in order to do that):

Vote for the Indidginus Pon Dem remix of Not Givin In

Indidginus News Bullet Nov 15th 2012:

About time I posted something. Here's a preview of a ragga tune I finished today:

Indidginus News Bullet Oct 6th 2012:

The Liquid Stranger Fist of Fury Remix EP (High Chai Recordings) featuring remixes by myself, Volkstroker and Slave has been given a main page feature on Beatport and is sitting at number 45 on the top 100 albums chart on Beatport. We need your help to make it a top 10.... Listen to/buy here:

Indidginus News Bullet Oct 2nd 2012:

My remix of Liquid Stranger's Fist of Fury is out now on (High Chai Recordings):

Returning to South Africa tomorrow. It's been an amazing 6 months of travel - big up to all the great people we met along the way....

Indidginus News Bullet Sept 25th 2012:

Short video edit is up of our recent tour/travel through India:

My remix of Liquid Stranger's Fist of Fury track is coming out next week on High Chai Recordings:

Playing at my friend Matt's birthday party in Bristol this weekend - at a haunted hospital no less ;) Last set before we leave for South Africa next week...

Indidginus News Bullet Aug 27th 2012:

Video footage of my set at Notting Hill Carnival on the GI Sound System yesterday:

Full length version of the soundtrack (Indidginus "Arab Spring ft Vybz Kartel") is available as a free download here:

Indidginus News Bullet Aug 24th 2012:

2 new videos up - my set at the O2 London Mela last weekend on Bobby Friction's BBC Introducing Stage, and my sets at Boomtown Fair the week before that. Watch them here:

The BBC have also uploaded footage to their site, which you can watch here:

I'm playing on the G.I. Sound System at Notting Hill Carnival this Sunday (26th August), so if you're in London come on down... We'll be pon Adela St (off Kensal Rd). Soundsystem map is available for download here:

Indidginus News Bullet Aug 15th 2012:

Wow, Boomtown Fair was amazing. We had a total blast setting up the SnowDome IceBar venue and I really enjoyed playing several sets in it. Massive appreciation to all the crew and to the amazing DJs info also played - special shout out to Chris Liberator (even though we got shut down before he had a chance to play - booooooo....), Hong Kong Ping Pong, Gav, Matt Handy, Skank N Stomp and Ed Patton - you guys all rocked it. Hands down the most spectacular festival I have ever been to. Can't wait to do it all again :)

Onto the O2 London Mela this Sunday. I'll be playing live at 3pm on the BBC Introducing Stage and will be joined on stage by vocalist Nona Kalra. It's a free event, so if you're in London come down!

And finally, a nice little review of my Something for the Weekend mix by The Untz - thanks a lot Jordan!

Indidginus News Bullet July 26th 2012:

I'll be playing at the 02 London Mela next month pon di BBC Introducing Stage:

02 London Mela, Gunnersbury Park, London, UK, 19th August 2011

Indidginus News Bullet July 20th 2012:

2 new gigs in di pipeline:

Boomtown Fair, Winchester, UK, 11th August 2011

Fluc, Vienna, Austria, 18th September 2011

Indidginus News Bullet July 5th 2012:

After 3 months in India, I'm now in the UK till October 2nd 2012. To take advantage of this, book me by getting in touch:

Indidginus News Bullet June 11th 2012:

Finally getting a chance to do a news update from Delhi ;) It's been an action packed couple of months here in India...

First up, my EP Sab Kuch Milega is out now on High Chai Recordings. You can listen to it and buy it here:

Or if you prefer a mix of the EP, High Chai have done one here:

You can read some of the reviews the EP has been getting here:

Check out a video that High Spirits put together of my show in Pune:

I'm on my way to Mumbai to play a show at Blue Frog there. I'll be joining BREED and Reggae Rajahs. You can check out the details for that here:

Indidginus News Bullet April 22nd 2012:

High Spirits gig in Pune was a banger ;)

Read an interview in the Times of India I did whilst in Mumbai:

Indidginus News Bullet April 12th 2012:

Free download of my remix for Bobby Friction's Friction Lab:

I'll be playing in Mumbai tomorrow. If you're in the area, pull in:

Indidginus News Bullet March 28th 2012:

Some love from The Get Downnn:

Indidginus News Bullet March 27th 2012:

I'm putting together a tour in India with Inroom Records. The dates we have so far are:

  • Bonobo, Mumbai: 13th April
  • High Spirits, Pune: 20th April

Dates for Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai are being finalized, with other cities are in the pipeline. If you're in India, keep an eye on my events page or my SongKick page for more details:

Indidginus News Bullet March 23rd 2012:

Got a release date for my Sab Kuch Milega EP - the illustrious High Chai label will be releasing it on 21st May 2012. Keep an ear open for their Freq Nasty remix EP which is lined up for release in April. Like their Facebook page here:

We're off to India next week for 3 months, so updates will be sparse for a while. Bobby Friction will be playing my Fitteh Moo remix on 11th April. Tune into the Friction Lab on BBC Radio to hear it on the day:

Indidginus News Bullet Feb 26th 2012:

Click Support Michael via the link below to vote for my mix in the Rusko contest:

Indidginus News Bullet Feb 13th 2012:

You Know is up on Soundcloud:

Indidginus News Bullet Feb 10th 2012:

Mastering my remix of Deewana for Tigerstyle - listen out for their album Digi-Bhang which is dropping on 23rd Feb.... Amazing tunes.

Indidginus News Bullet Feb 8th 2012:

The Great Bollywood Car Chase playlisted on Nihal's show on BBC Radio 1. Listen in here:

Indidginus News Bullet Feb 4th 2012:

Sank at High Chai put an idea in my head for my latest track, and I thought you might enjoy the Bollywood video edit that resulted this evening:

Indidginus News Bullet Feb 3rd 2012:

Finished The Great Bollywood Car Chase. Drum and Bass in a Hindi cinema fashion. Next up, a remix for Bhangra badmen Tigerstyle.

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 24 2012:

Just finished the last track for my Sab Kuch Milega EP on High Chai Recordings. It's called You Know, and it's a dub/drum and bass mash up with global stylings ;) Also happens to be the fastest track I've ever written (clocking in at 180bpm in the dnb section).... Massive.

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 22 2012:

Vajradanti (ft Nona Kalra) has also been playlisted on Sonny Ji's Bhangra Mixtape show on BBC Radio Asian Network. Listen in here:

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 18 2012:

Vajradanti (ft Nona Kalra) has been playlisted on Nihal's show on BBC Radio 1. Listen in here:

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 17 2012:

Vajradanti (ft Nona Kalra) is getting some love from Bobby Friction and Nihal on BBC Radio. Listen to the track on Bobby's show here:

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 16 2012:

Vocal version of Vajradanti completed, featuring the vocal talents of Nona Kalra. You can find out more info Nona here:

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 14 2012:

Just recorded my last Selecta Sundays show for FNOOB Radio. You can listen to it here:

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 12 2012:

Hold Your Vision has been reworked by me and is available as a free download here:

I'll be adding this track to my Sofa Surfer album. Distribution for the album will (finally) be happening in the near future. Enjoy it, and share across the interweb as much as you like :)

Indidginus News Bullet Jan 10 2012:

And so it begins.

Bass. {Riddims}. [Ting].
Sounds nothing like
Chase and Status, Diplo
and Rusko making
freak in di sheet.